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New England Aquarium Simons IMAX Theatre Movie Tickets SAVE 16%

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VISIT THE SIMONS IMAX® THEATRE The giant screen – 65’ high by 85’ wide – is taller than a six story building! The slight curvature of the screen extends to the edge of your peripheral vision. The lamps that project the crystal clear images onto the gigantic screen get as bright and as hot as the surface of the sun! So hot, in fact, that cold water must be pumped into the lamp connectors to keep the machine from melting. Amazing IMAX films will take you where you've only dreamed of going! Join us for incredible journeys to the bottom of the sea, outer space, and almost anywhere in between. Through the magic of IMAX and IMAX 3D, you can visit animals and habitats that are too large, too small or too endangered to exhibit in an Aquarium setting. ​Currently playing daily at the Simons IMAX Theatre: Amazon Adventure 3D Escape to the lush forests of the Amazon, where clumsy sloths swim through flooded forests and colorful butterflies play tricks on predators. Based on a true story, Amazon Adventure takes you back in time to follow a curious scientist as he thrashes through jungles and floats along the sprawling Amazon River. Witness the birth of a species in IMAX 3D as you marvel at the incredible species that call this biodiversity hotspot home. Galapagos 3D: Nature’s Wonderland Take the trip of a lifetime with Galapagos 3D: Nature’s Wonderland on New England’s largest movie screen. See grinning iguanas claw their way along the seafloor to snack on seaweed. Swim with tropical penguins rocketing through the water to cool off. Wallow in muddy pools with grunting giant tortoises. Explore the islands that gave us a greater understanding of life on our blue planet. Great White Shark 3D Get ready for a shark's eye view as you plunge straight into the underwater world of nature's most renowned predator in Great White Shark 3D . See the science at work behind that fearsome toothy grin and discover the importance of this spectacular species. It's an exhilarating shark's eye view of the blue planet fit for the whole family on the largest screen in New England.

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