My Bonus Results & Winning Numbers for Tuesday, January 15, 2019 | Free National Lotto

My Bonus Results & Winning Numbers for Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The My Bonus draw took place on Tuesday, January 15, 2019. The winning numbers and prizes are shown below.

Winning My Bonus Codes

BMTS95428 BMVH75980 BMVQ80192 BMVS88050 BMVT93866 BMWR12907 BMXB17452 BNCJ61211 BNDZ58479 BNDZ84469 BNFM23454 BNFM97065 BNFN41047 BNFN62005 BNFP25787 BNFP95954 BNFQ39548 BNFQ43771 BNFR16284 BNFS46562 BNFS52330 BNFS96038 BNFT75725 BNFT91651 BNFW01124 BNFW59722 BNFW73430 BNFZ12887 BNGB57075 BNGD27011 BNGG46798 BNGG59583 BNGH81899 BNGH83995 BNGH87406 BNGH89617 BNGH93473 BNGH93961 BNGJ22284 BNGJ22790 BNGJ24232 BNGJ27723 BNGJ28045 BNGJ28269 BNGJ34900 BNGJ39867 BNGJ42035 BNGJ43653 BNGJ48500 BNGJ50074 BNGJ66533 BNGJ79561 BNGJ87426 BNGJ93501 BNGK02419 BNGK08101 BNGK17207 BNGK19699 BNGK24999 BNGK27128 BNGK29652 BNGK31363 BNGK36099 BNGK43957 BNGK50824 BNGK59319 BNGK62495 BNGK71521 BNGK76811 BNGK78089 BNGK78552 BNGK85598 BNGL05148 BNGL10834 BNGL11690 BNGL17543 BNGL53958 BNGL58911 BNGL61386 BNGL61962 BNGL66763 BNGL76638 BNGL79014 BNGL92371 BNGM06416 BNGM10190 BNGM14550 BNGM16708 BNGM17059 BNGM24742 BNGM25618 BNGM36532 BNGM39405 BNGM40360 BNGM47405 BNGM47866 BNGM52875 BNGM74696 BNGM76290 BNGM82519 BNGN04155 BNGN05894 BNGN25843 BNGN26495 BNGN28666 BNGN30951 BNGN32209 BNGN38718 BNGN49390 BNGN63373 BNGN66464 BNGN67102 BNGN84662 BNGN84991 BNGN97171 BNGP19684 BNGP21026 BNGP24759 BNGP25771 BNGP35132 BNGP38318 BNGP39387 BNGP42257 BNGP46853 BNGP59113 BNGP61825 BNGP75843 BNGQ11087 BNGQ14114 BNGQ38762 BNGQ42379 BNGQ54151 BNGQ56583 BNGQ64735 BNGQ88973 BNGQ89398 BNGR07342 BNGR10757 BNGR16594 BNGR17882 BNGR26919 BNGR46536 BNGR64167 BNGR65432 BNGR68440 BNGR86166 BNGR86690 BNGR89712 BNGR96657 BNGS21598 BNGS23397 BNGS24124 BNGS30902 BNGS31723 BNGS32552 BNGS39382 BNGS45979 BNGS59634 BNGS61015 BNGS70251 BNGS74542 BNGS74984 BNGS76770 BNGS78366 BNGS84792 BNGS85573 BNGS87541 BNGS95183 BNGT02811 BNGT06334 BNGT08917 BNGT16586 BNGT32424 BNGT34389 BNGT38106 BNGT57129 BNGT58638 BNGT62400 BNGT67252 BNGT73990 BNGT78530 BNGV00217 BNGV02551 BNGV15531 BNGV26337 BNGV28944 BNGV35577 BNGV38571 BNGV40307 BNGV42955 BNGV64263 BNGV67609 BNGV69391 BNGV70250 BNGV76976 BNGV88941 BNGW06813 BNGW28539 BZZZ88645 BZZZ96864

Prize Breakdowns

Name Winners Prize Per Winner Total Prize Fund
Matched Code 200 1 000 000,00 € 200 000 000,00 €

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