My Bonus Results & Winning Numbers for Friday, February 1, 2019 | Free National Lotto

My Bonus Results & Winning Numbers for Friday, February 1, 2019

The My Bonus draw took place on Friday, February 1, 2019. The winning numbers and prizes are shown below.

Winning My Bonus Codes

BNCV42806 BNDF03993 BNDT53436 BNFN85014 BNFV24500 BNGP76068 BNHW12731 BNHX09077 BNHX36441 BNHX86617 BNJD27207 BNJN51284 BNJX40611 BNKG28163 BNKN44691 BNKN70278 BNKN90768 BNKP46129 BNKP91523 BNKP94439 BNKQ11980 BNKR11121 BNKR13623 BNKR51749 BNKR98200 BNKS37854 BNKS66929 BNKT46426 BNKW55477 BNKW91138 BNKX28789 BNLC41478 BNLG51085 BNLG52181 BNLG52787 BNLG60164 BNLG73137 BNLG74469 BNLG95728 BNLH02591 BNLH12534 BNLH16935 BNLH33380 BNLH44350 BNLH60907 BNLH72251 BNLH72657 BNLH79575 BNLH99834 BNLJ01175 BNLJ20645 BNLJ26337 BNLJ32841 BNLJ36039 BNLJ36660 BNLJ51015 BNLJ64245 BNLJ64455 BNLJ65711 BNLJ86290 BNLJ87603 BNLJ98753 BNLK01952 BNLK02368 BNLK38035 BNLK39577 BNLK52828 BNLK59364 BNLK73482 BNLK81666 BNLL08440 BNLL17724 BNLL32870 BNLL50512 BNLL51047 BNLL58635 BNLL75596 BNLL76717 BNLL95648 BNLM06783 BNLM07578 BNLM22059 BNLM64412 BNLM66270 BNLM87727 BNLM93502 BNLM96618 BNLN11888 BNLN15398 BNLN29520 BNLN41016 BNLN43919 BNLN50101 BNLN56159 BNLN92111 BNLN94502 BNLP00106 BNLP00994 BNLP07415 BNLP44016 BNLP44556 BNLP55338 BNLP74939 BNLP81056 BNLP83992 BNLP90341 BNLQ05725 BNLQ16329 BNLQ32997 BNLQ36787 BNLQ41893 BNLQ42789 BNLQ51326 BNLQ65267 BNLQ65911 BNLQ74060 BNLQ79395 BNLQ84411 BNLQ94313 BNLQ98673 BNLR24198 BNLR29440 BNLR36202 BNLR46482 BNLR60332 BNLR64420 BNLR67570 BNLR71497 BNLR87222 BNLR88855 BNLS01280 BNLS03888 BNLS09549 BNLS20726 BNLS34518 BNLS37644 BNLS38924 BNLS47317 BNLS49540 BNLS58486 BNLS60950 BNLS69688 BNLS79192 BNLT09234 BNLT31808 BNLT35549 BNLT47655 BNLT50169 BNLT53609 BNLT56228 BNLT71074 BNLT73729 BNLT84019 BNLT98358 BNLV22874 BNLV27920 BNLV28518 BNLV32499 BNLV39371 BNLV63083 BNLV85515 BNLV89277 BNLV89650 BNLW01894 BNLW05912 BNLW13939 BNLW15677 BNLW57306 BNLW62322 BNLW98491 BNLX03193 BNLX07729 BNLX14371 BNLX19160 BNLX20949 BNLX27743 BNLX57968 BNLX79503 BNLX80934 BNLX82090 BNLX91163 BNLZ05381 BNLZ07330 BNLZ09392 BNLZ09889 BNLZ34658 BNLZ63851 BNLZ79144 BNLZ84659 BNLZ85495 BNLZ90353 BNMB06516 BNMB15846 BNMB32489 BNMB33234 BNMB34470 BNMB39531 BNMB47213 BNMB47326 BNMB48786 BNMB52565 BNMB60687 BNMB61191 BNMB62895 BNMB80109 BNMB84036 BNMC15012 BNMC15631 BNMC26770 BNMC34054 BNMC38747 BNMC48094 BNMC56641 BNMC67310 BNMC72898 BNMC81202 BNMC93037 BNMC96085 BNMD02444 BNMD08431 BNMD15419 BNMD22621 BNMD58700 BNMD60981 BNMD75502 BNMD92346 BNMD96877 BNMF26370 BNMF45087 BNMF53451 BNMF72545 BNMF86277 BNMF88903 BNMF99255 BNMG09507 BNMG13832 BNMG44639 BNMG45222 BNMG46087 BNMG78415 BNMG80849 BNMG87303 BNMH00347 BNMH23533 BNMH45744 BNMH51945 BNMH65932 BNMH76563 BNMH86326 BNMJ08328 BNMJ10564 BNMJ19483 BNMJ77854 BNMJ95016 BNMK75742 BNML20952 BNML29408 BNML46876 BNML54143 BNML68245 BNML81826 BNML82133 BNML98389 BNMM14161 BNMM26323 BNMM30553 BNMM41305 BNMM47001 BNMM63012 BNMM79120 BNMM88494 BNMN04772 BNMN32774 BNMN59687 BNMN68622 BNMN74519 BNMP34762 BNMP64388 BNMP95883 BNMP96947 BNMP98526 BNMQ03911 BNMQ05628 BNMQ22265 BNMQ29251 BNMQ29506 BNMQ35306 BNMQ35529 BNMQ41996 BNMQ48950 BNMQ90044 BNMQ95227 BNMR19102 BNMR32121 BNMR32241 BNMR56121 BNMR69865 BNMR77748 BNMR83817 BNMR95192 BNMR97261 BNMR99792 BNMS03500 BNMS13691 BNMS32492 BNMS60196 BNMS70257 BNMS73537 BNMS76083 BNMS81592 BNMS83913 BNMS86965 BNMT01805 BNMT05915 BNMT23572 BNMT29809 BNMT30609 BNMT31129 BNMT41495 BNMT62468 BNMT68643 BNMT69557 BNMT96331 BNMT97899 BNMV09504 BNMV17476 BNMV21058 BNMV40316 BNMV44460 BNMV73020 BNMV73165 BNMV93280 BNMW15948 BNMW21558 BNMW46314 BNMW83680 BNMW89083 BNMX08860 BNMX19377 BNMX34478 BNMX38407 BNMX75027 BNMX84223 BNMX88353 BNMX91246 BNMX92084 BNMX93303 BNMZ17365 BNMZ30420 BNMZ37115 BNMZ51035 BNMZ86646 BNMZ95355 BNMZ97171 BNNB02247 BNNB04362 BNNB19342 BNNB21645 BNNB42009 BNNB70587 BNNB73289 BNNB74328 BNNB76999 BNNB91490 BNNC12409 BNNC28858 BNNC69454 BNNC77481 BNND17870 BNND24152 BNND43858 BNND67154 BNND69373 BNND72743 BNND76771 BNND83118 BNND86274 BNND90745 BNNF03945 BNNF11013 BNNF25886 BNNF26212 BNNF28425 BNNF41771 BNNF69879 BNNF76541 BNNF92937 BNNG01377 BNNG02903 BNNG08869 BNNG09437 BNNG37065 BNNG58349 BNNG61694 BNNG69286 BNNG79620 BNNG82778 BNNG86891 BZZZ72524 BZZZ85400

Prize Breakdowns

Name Winners Prize Per Winner Total Prize Fund
Matched Code 400 1 000 000,00 € 400 000 000,00 €

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