My Bonus Results & Winning Numbers for Tuesday, February 5, 2019 | Free National Lotto

My Bonus Results & Winning Numbers for Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The My Bonus draw took place on Tuesday, February 5, 2019. The winning numbers and prizes are shown below.

Winning My Bonus Codes

BNJJ29038 BNJM99671 BNKN70514 BNKN94834 BNKS11232 BNLD55467 BNLJ93955 BNLL96933 BNLR12705 BNLR80883 BNLS87335 BNLT72068 BNLV95405 BNMC89850 BNMG37011 BNMJ23658 BNMM70046 BNMN12692 BNMN38315 BNMV42349 BNMW29738 BNNG94509 BNNG95516 BNNH02247 BNNH05491 BNNH07667 BNNH10000 BNNH43099 BNNH48102 BNNH48837 BNNH63459 BNNH65848 BNNJ05518 BNNJ09231 BNNJ13324 BNNJ26907 BNNJ46029 BNNJ46919 BNNJ63750 BNNJ73350 BNNJ74410 BNNJ76603 BNNJ82811 BNNJ85066 BNNK08330 BNNK10125 BNNK15727 BNNK18680 BNNK66331 BNNK71483 BNNK76509 BNNK97122 BNNK97912 BNNL03431 BNNL36980 BNNL39371 BNNL45404 BNNL50310 BNNM04722 BNNM55715 BNNM75101 BNNM92538 BNNN06170 BNNN11929 BNNN59497 BNNN60812 BNNN79013 BNNN89144 BNNP05278 BNNP22924 BNNP23296 BNNP31242 BNNP32208 BNNP34863 BNNP41713 BNNP78812 BNNP94270 BNNQ12264 BNNQ23252 BNNQ27927 BNNQ35864 BNNQ37350 BNNQ47704 BNNQ52684 BNNQ77545 BNNR13638 BNNR20893 BNNR45724 BNNR49238 BNNR75778 BNNS00486 BNNS01188 BNNS02298 BNNS12418 BNNS14152 BNNS27255 BNNS33469 BNNS42284 BNNS63050 BNNS66177 BNNS85874 BNNS86596 BNNS87081 BNNT04544 BNNT06945 BNNT22477 BNNT47033 BNNT54360 BNNT54888 BNNT66277 BNNT76449 BNNT90205 BNNT91563 BNNV14735 BNNV24337 BNNV30425 BNNV33820 BNNV36708 BNNV73103 BNNV90519 BNNV91717 BNNW03891 BNNW20247 BNNW21215 BNNW26428 BNNW46110 BNNW47748 BNNW55463 BNNW64508 BNNW69608 BNNW79191 BNNW86925 BNNX04584 BNNX06224 BNNX22120 BNNX34337 BNNX49461 BNNX53285 BNNX80011 BNNX89382 BNNX90171 BNNX97647 BNNZ19394 BNNZ33814 BNNZ35453 BNNZ55367 BNNZ62836 BNNZ64779 BNNZ74139 BNNZ81956 BNNZ83450 BNNZ89268 BNPB03847 BNPB08332 BNPB25794 BNPB29907 BNPB56559 BNPB65141 BNPB75633 BNPB81428 BNPB87955 BNPB92070 BNPC05827 BNPC26600 BNPC36946 BNPC37390 BNPC48838 BNPC50548 BNPC78790 BNPD04827 BNPD09631 BNPD20030 BNPD25785 BNPD75347 BNPD88250 BNPD98343 BNPF00308 BNPF01466 BNPF07884 BNPF37881 BNPF56979 BNPF69398 BNPG37606 BNPG47313 BNPG62595 BNPG75728 BNPG87219 BNPH23170 BNPH36762 BNPH42793 BNPH66361 BNPH70026 BNPH86784 BNPH91405 BNPJ06067 BNPJ22500 BNPJ37459 BNPJ68106 BNPK53953 BZZZ87878

Prize Breakdowns

Name Winners Prize Per Winner Total Prize Fund
Matched Code 200 1 000 000,00 € 200 000 000,00 €

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