My Bonus Results & Winning Numbers for Tuesday, February 19, 2019 | Free National Lotto

My Bonus Results & Winning Numbers for Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The My Bonus draw took place on Tuesday, February 19, 2019. The winning numbers and prizes are shown below.

Winning My Bonus Codes

BNJT91275 BNNJ20636 BNRF85771 BNRM68893 BNSK03892 BNSK31706 BNSL52712 BNST28591 BNSW65239 BNTC78063 BNTH27477 BNTJ67855 BNTW89593 BNTZ66055 BNTZ76516 BNTZ83467 BNTZ90874 BNTZ94739 BNVB39888 BNVB54687 BNVB63883 BNVB69955 BNVB78031 BNVB91620 BNVC00638 BNVC00709 BNVC02841 BNVC10582 BNVC18466 BNVC86003 BNVC91237 BNVD54187 BNVD60538 BNVD91232 BNVF48303 BNVF71102 BNVF73110 BNVF92135 BNVF95899 BNVG17608 BNVG45072 BNVG49024 BNVG63484 BNVG78066 BNVH08068 BNVH30271 BNVH30614 BNVH51655 BNVH65646 BNVH82975 BNVJ06161 BNVJ12459 BNVJ49783 BNVJ90910 BNVJ91249 BNVJ91570 BNVK03346 BNVK17311 BNVK29704 BNVK29870 BNVK40741 BNVK61761 BNVK91189 BNVL03067 BNVL12195 BNVL16550 BNVL72512 BNVL78506 BNVL78853 BNVM26668 BNVM60082 BNVM90381 BNVN11763 BNVN18993 BNVN42204 BNVN64805 BNVN79542 BNVN89570 BNVP00653 BNVP01582 BNVP08087 BNVP09390 BNVP11892 BNVP38960 BNVP76235 BNVP83936 BNVP98621 BNVQ01248 BNVQ04594 BNVQ04693 BNVQ06105 BNVQ18724 BNVQ23994 BNVQ32620 BNVQ35618 BNVQ62244 BNVQ93404 BNVQ94717 BNVQ98130 BNVR14048 BNVR16454 BNVR44728 BNVR53651 BNVR58679 BNVR88480 BNVR89292 BNVR91425 BNVS29497 BNVS54757 BNVS83047 BNVS90372 BNVS92005 BNVS98897 BNVT17566 BNVT23484 BNVT24027 BNVT35480 BNVT39283 BNVT43685 BNVT48874 BNVT86717 BNVT95205 BNVV02295 BNVV13301 BNVV25866 BNVV29087 BNVV37691 BNVV62619 BNVV63336 BNVV63543 BNVV83499 BNVW06592 BNVW27512 BNVW46934 BNVW48649 BNVW56471 BNVW88586 BNVX01128 BNVX26710 BNVX68690 BNVX81198 BNVX88020 BNVZ17653 BNVZ20839 BNVZ32445 BNVZ32753 BNVZ33589 BNVZ57235 BNVZ60758 BNVZ66000 BNVZ73111 BNVZ94728 BNWB04516 BNWB53337 BNWB83887 BNWB98602 BNWC00192 BNWC10793 BNWC13593 BNWC18668 BNWC40927 BNWC49739 BNWC54302 BNWD04166 BNWD28044 BNWD57385 BNWD87240 BNWF20577 BNWF29429 BNWF33547 BNWF42065 BNWF43226 BNWF48197 BNWF52236 BNWF53445 BNWF63633 BNWF99476 BNWG15620 BNWG23623 BNWG36844 BNWG39932 BNWG85550 BNWH04053 BNWH45443 BNWH47344 BNWH57178 BNWH73377 BNWJ03896 BNWJ23508 BNWJ34881 BNWJ55913 BNWJ57066 BNWJ63610 BNWJ67251 BNWJ85738 BNWJ88391 BNWK04557 BNWK11579 BNWK15994 BNWK26528

Prize Breakdowns

Name Winners Prize Per Winner Total Prize Fund
Matched Code 200 1 000 000,00 € 200 000 000,00 €

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