My Bonus Results & Winning Numbers for Tuesday, April 2, 2019 | Free National Lotto

My Bonus Results & Winning Numbers for Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The My Bonus draw took place on Tuesday, April 2, 2019. The winning numbers and prizes are shown below.

Winning My Bonus Codes

BNZW49785 BPBB82819 BPCB70274 BPCM15537 BPCQ49999 BPCQ76666 BPFP77860 BPFV45498 BPGF20788 BPGM35476 BPGM75883 BPGW52853 BPHB06464 BPHB62683 BPHB66338 BPHB98622 BPHC98449 BPHD19649 BPHD33864 BPHD78196 BPHF36726 BPHG37315 BPHJ48413 BPHL02774 BPHN82471 BPHW34870 BPHW37563 BPHW45539 BPHW46232 BPHW53166 BPHW54628 BPHW54952 BPHW55263 BPHW67965 BPHW85395 BPHW89892 BPHW90894 BPHW94294 BPHX03926 BPHX04731 BPHX14413 BPHX19945 BPHX22658 BPHX64739 BPHX69504 BPHX83639 BPHX98649 BPHZ07942 BPHZ31186 BPHZ38936 BPHZ46620 BPHZ63237 BPHZ67839 BPHZ72209 BPHZ76098 BPHZ78468 BPHZ78510 BPHZ80635 BPHZ81100 BPHZ93248 BPHZ98775 BPJB00914 BPJB04262 BPJB04497 BPJB15779 BPJB16465 BPJB23570 BPJB25499 BPJB26306 BPJB34912 BPJB39320 BPJB39637 BPJB53529 BPJB54342 BPJB60792 BPJB73966 BPJB75631 BPJB87400 BPJC03435 BPJC07743 BPJC10709 BPJC39414 BPJC51574 BPJC69536 BPJC73262 BPJC75790 BPJC81897 BPJC82539 BPJC84452 BPJC93265 BPJD01059 BPJD06559 BPJD08477 BPJD13412 BPJD17640 BPJD17994 BPJD57407 BPJD58568 BPJD67132 BPJD73264 BPJD86042 BPJD91284 BPJD97280 BPJD99529 BPJF33464 BPJF44919 BPJF56124 BPJF59714 BPJF59885 BPJF60009 BPJF76284 BPJF77949 BPJF79583 BPJF90016 BPJG02211 BPJG12426 BPJG12864 BPJG24034 BPJG44498 BPJG49585 BPJG50376 BPJG84797 BPJG91530 BPJH07470 BPJH26221 BPJH34764 BPJH41564 BPJH55112 BPJH59388 BPJH60974 BPJH65180 BPJH65213 BPJH79217 BPJH87467 BPJH89303 BPJH91511 BPJJ04724 BPJJ12153 BPJJ13390 BPJJ18018 BPJJ19103 BPJJ37779 BPJJ50099 BPJJ52824 BPJJ62881 BPJJ75740 BPJJ86392 BPJK00585 BPJK01418 BPJK01972 BPJK21265 BPJK23909 BPJK24198 BPJK25016 BPJK28140 BPJK60445 BPJK68830 BPJK69064 BPJK82994 BPJK83099 BPJK91218 BPJK97366 BPJL15252 BPJL19064 BPJL19511 BPJL22739 BPJL25359 BPJL29486 BPJL46833 BPJL65399 BPJL75483 BPJL78151 BPJM07167 BPJM13328 BPJM21718 BPJM38191 BPJM63694 BPJM67365 BPJM78820 BPJM85151 BPJM87153 BPJN00191 BPJN17253 BPJN40960 BPJN44075 BPJN60036 BPJN66390 BPJN69038 BPJN86818 BPJN96987 BPJP13121 BPJP19730 BPJP19751 BPJP22207 BPJP23634 BPJP26332 BPJP27658 BPJP33845 BPJP40571 BPJP47955

Prize Breakdowns

Name Winners Prize Per Winner Total Prize Fund
Matched Code 200 1 000 000,00 € 200 000 000,00 €

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