My Bonus Results & Winning Numbers for Friday, April 19, 2019 | Free National Lotto

My Bonus Results & Winning Numbers for Friday, April 19, 2019

The My Bonus draw took place on Friday, April 19, 2019. The winning numbers and prizes are shown below.

Winning My Bonus Codes

BPFR00935 BPGP98729 BPHF66032 BPHX32701 BPHZ20836 BPJC45376 BPJC81281 BPJM09141 BPJR76865 BPJR95653 BPKC01938 BPKC27600 BPKL51033 BPKT81773 BPKV90544 BPKX56774 BPKX94225 BPKZ90126 BPLQ14935 BPLR89959 BPMH49181 BPMJ09959 BPMJ11538 BPMJ12310 BPMJ15335 BPMJ22804 BPMJ50286 BPMJ99205 BPMM78684 BPMN22591 BPMN24916 BPMN46037 BPMN61350 BPMN68490 BPMP19973 BPMP25390 BPMP33932 BPMP36295 BPMP76073 BPMP93099 BPMP94108 BPMQ75517 BPMR30767 BPMR74490 BPMR97363 BPMS59671 BPMS60120 BPMS62378 BPMS64652 BPMS71569 BPMS74008 BPMS74241 BPMS78744 BPMS79278 BPMS93887 BPMS95784 BPMT02939 BPMT08153 BPMT14603 BPMT16496 BPMT19515 BPMT37706 BPMT40411 BPMT41553 BPMT46611 BPMT48130 BPMT56270 BPMT57644 BPMT59571 BPMT60777 BPMT61037 BPMT61817 BPMT69718 BPMT72979 BPMT74893 BPMT75519 BPMT81242 BPMT82182 BPMT84336 BPMT88655 BPMV02749 BPMV03927 BPMV07101 BPMV10866 BPMV17691 BPMV18019 BPMV19701 BPMV19852 BPMV22808 BPMV23411 BPMV23488 BPMV24130 BPMV29171 BPMV36823 BPMV38897 BPMV57523 BPMV58400 BPMV59010 BPMV62667 BPMV84365 BPMV86560 BPMV87854 BPMV97046 BPMW02572 BPMW02760 BPMW19639 BPMW32587 BPMW32943 BPMW36489 BPMW42144 BPMW43117 BPMW43745 BPMW62436 BPMW63408 BPMW64564 BPMW67956 BPMW68378 BPMW71127 BPMW73046 BPMW73267 BPMW87387 BPMW91452 BPMW92471 BPMX05796 BPMX13204 BPMX13835 BPMX17058 BPMX24749 BPMX25964 BPMX28311 BPMX31390 BPMX33555 BPMX44971 BPMX48238 BPMX48843 BPMX59567 BPMX70943 BPMX73598 BPMX78099 BPMX78984 BPMX83011 BPMX86946 BPMX92003 BPMX92557 BPMX93638 BPMX93724 BPMX96458 BPMX99963 BPMZ06419 BPMZ10740 BPMZ15576 BPMZ15901 BPMZ27150 BPMZ30792 BPMZ35266 BPMZ35677 BPMZ37393 BPMZ43169 BPMZ44562 BPMZ47443 BPMZ50511 BPMZ52131 BPMZ57702 BPMZ61550 BPMZ67081 BPMZ70657 BPMZ72006 BPMZ77948 BPMZ80685 BPMZ91942 BPMZ99257 BPNB00603 BPNB00810 BPNB08850 BPNB10892 BPNB13661 BPNB18561 BPNB22595 BPNB25440 BPNB27327 BPNB33891 BPNB34857 BPNB36686 BPNB40171 BPNB40593 BPNB42013 BPNB47574 BPNB70241 BPNB78445 BPNB91278 BPNB95243 BPNC07601 BPNC08249 BPNC16299 BPNC26786 BPNC31129 BPNC36883 BPNC47458 BPNC49293 BPNC55443 BPNC56197 BPNC61514 BPNC62228 BPNC72361 BPNC85318 BPNC90605 BPNC93714 BPNC95585 BPND04434 BPND13267 BPND13783 BPND17887 BPND38936 BPND39467 BPND40278 BPND48675 BPND53168 BPND56699 BPND59555 BPND64330 BPND81179 BPND86818 BPND98218 BPND99475 BPNF04834 BPNF05937 BPNF11566 BPNF13736 BPNF18001 BPNF18715 BPNF34015 BPNF34774 BPNF46416 BPNF64643 BPNF68213 BPNF70576 BPNF85231 BPNF87073 BPNF95580 BPNF97074 BPNF97518 BPNF99775 BPNG00059 BPNG00248 BPNG02250 BPNG05009 BPNG06154 BPNG13552 BPNG18131 BPNG23750 BPNG49146 BPNG62219 BPNG67653 BPNG69311 BPNG69678 BPNG70160 BPNG77430 BPNG86165 BPNG90281 BPNG94459 BPNG98669 BPNH03964 BPNH04310 BPNH06539 BPNH08650 BPNH10682 BPNH13952 BPNH17153 BPNH19177 BPNH22216 BPNH23495 BPNH28842 BPNH34130 BPNH35044 BPNH37825 BPNH49731 BPNH50667 BPNH60358 BPNH64190 BPNH66445 BPNH69305 BPNH69542 BPNH75843 BPNH88635 BPNH98976 BPNJ01378 BPNJ05733 BPNJ07445 BPNJ10580 BPNJ12413 BPNJ18969 BPNJ21155 BPNJ22286 BPNJ25267 BPNJ26571 BPNJ40375 BPNJ43375 BPNJ46968 BPNJ49921 BPNJ50294 BPNJ50404 BPNJ61734 BPNJ66836 BPNJ74447 BPNJ97922 BPNJ99187 BPNJ99747 BPNK07649 BPNK12766 BPNK22766 BPNK25244 BPNK26590 BPNK31882 BPNK34386 BPNK36570 BPNK37455 BPNK46889 BPNK49416 BPNK54668 BPNK58405 BPNK69528 BPNK79173 BPNK85582 BPNK91068 BPNL02757 BPNL08932 BPNL10473 BPNL14864 BPNL16966 BPNL18484 BPNL21985 BPNL22461 BPNL31844 BPNL32606 BPNL41065 BPNL41636 BPNL46938 BPNL52437 BPNL58331 BPNL59115 BPNL66490 BPNL69119 BPNL70143 BPNL75727 BPNL76061 BPNL77662 BPNL84200 BPNL89778 BPNL90599 BPNL99150 BPNM07637 BPNM11790 BPNM16238 BPNM16358 BPNM24869 BPNM28037 BPNM30885 BPNM32706 BPNM37649 BPNM38936 BPNM42670 BPNM44720 BPNM54723 BPNM71832 BPNM73469 BPNM75008 BPNM81527 BPNM87319 BPNM87943 BPNM88534 BPNM91339 BPNM92993 BPNM94578 BPNN03182 BPNN25456 BPNN25499 BPNN26562 BPNN33475 BPNN34487 BPNN36185 BPNN36409 BPNN37960 BPNN46061 BPNN48451 BPNN48975 BPNN53279 BPNN57252 BPNN59185 BPNN61601 BPNN63672 BPNN76967 BPNN78166 BPNN78441 BPNN82154 BPNN87459 BPNN87550 BPNN91477 BPNN97139 BPNN98826 BZZZ87866

Prize Breakdowns

Name Winners Prize Per Winner Total Prize Fund
Matched Code 400 1 000 000,00 € 400 000 000,00 €

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