General Questions

At Free National Lotto we offer lottery draws that are completely free to enter. You simply register an account and select your numbers for each draw, and should your numbers come up you will win a share of the prize pot. To check whether you have won you just need to visit to the FNL site and collect if you are the lucky winner of any draw. For the full rules please click here.

Bonus Questions

At Free National Lotto we like to reward our users for various things and this comes in the form of Bonus Balls, which will be added to your account, and accrues over time when you visit the site and invite your friends and family to join.

Every day you visit the site it increases by 1 Bonus Ball

Each time you refer a new person to the site who signs up you get 2 Bonus Balls

The value of 1 Bonus Ball equates to 1p (GBP)

Bonus Balls are added daily and are tracked from midnight to midnight each day.

You will also be able to add extra Bonus Balls to your account for taking certain offers and promotions on the site, and we will make the amount for each clear in the correspondence.

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