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FNL How Does It Work?

FreeNationalLotto.com (FNL) couldn’t be easier to use, all our draws are completely free, and always will be.

All you have to do is select your 5 lucky numbers (there is also a number checker where you can see if anyone has the same numbers as you) and then register your account with an active email.

Once you have successfully registered your account you will be sent an email to verify that you are a real person with a real email address. All you have to do to verify is click on the link in the email and you will be good to go.

The Draws

We have two draws at FNL, both of which use the five numbers you selected when you registered (or selected in your account subsequently), and once your account has been verified you with automatically be entered for both, absolutely FREE!

Daily Draw – The FNL Daily Draw is of course free to enter and as the name suggests runs every single day, currently giving away £5 a day. There will always be a winner every day because the winning numbers are selected ONLY from players who are currently active on the site. If no-one claims the prize then it rolls over to the following draw.

5 Ball Draw – The FNL 5 Ball Draw is again free to enter only this time the draw is twice a week, on a Thursday and a Sunday, and the prize per draw currently is £10. The main difference apart from being less frequent and prize amount is that in this draw the winning numbers are selected using a random number generator to the rollovers are frequent which builds the jackpots over time.

What Do I Do If I Win?

To see if you won in either draw you need to visit the www.freenationallotto.com site to check what the winning numbers are. If you are lucky enough to win all you have to do in to press the ‘Claim Prize’ button when logged in, and the prize is yours!

Once you have claimed the prize we will then transfer your money to you via PayPal, using the email address you have in your active account.

How Do We Do This For Free?

It’s really simple, we work the same way a free newspaper does, in that we earn money from advertising revenue generated from the site.

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