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Republic of Cats - First 2 weeks taster box for £7.50

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5 months ago

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Discover tailored cat food designed by cat nutritionists. Get the first 2 weeks for just £7.50. 

Your all-in-one monthly box subscription your cat will love
  • Tonnes of meaty recipes to banish boredom
  • Carefully created portion sizes to keep them in shape
  • Targets their individual needs so they feel great
What's inside your Taster Box?
  • A unique dry food blend made just for yout cat
  • Wet food from a variety of flavours and textures
  • Personalised feeding plan by our nutritionist
How it works
  1. Take our cat quiz to discover your cat's unique feeding plan.
  2. Find out what they love and choose next month's flavours.
  3. Choose your timing. Move and stop your deliveries anytime.
  4. Stick with us and bask in the health benefits.

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