My Bonus Results & Winning Numbers for Friday, September 28, 2018 | Free National Lotto

My Bonus Results & Winning Numbers for Friday, September 28, 2018

The My Bonus draw took place on Friday, September 28, 2018. The winning numbers and prizes are shown below.

Winning My Bonus Codes

BLLL62478 BLLN77242 BLMD43981 BLMP93450 BLMS73212 BLNG67424 BLNH92193 BLPQ24572 BLPW56215 BLQD76117 BLQQ73173 BLQS21383 BLQW29437 BLRB62188 BLRQ90827 BLRZ51007 BLSG37333 BLTK85039 BLTK96485 BLTL38260 BLTM90162 BLTP12677 BLTP30936 BLTP80265 BLTQ72175 BLTR27401 BLTR31192 BLTS93386 BLTX46002 BLVB97797 BLVH39531 BLVP07792 BLVP13732 BLVP30408 BLVP34596 BLVP40357 BLVP69624 BLVP80841 BLVP99111 BLVQ03258 BLVQ18212 BLVQ25203 BLVQ35972 BLVQ38786 BLVQ44519 BLVQ53448 BLVQ79581 BLVQ82654 BLVQ85733 BLVR00148 BLVR16806 BLVR52562 BLVR54940 BLVR58663 BLVR67165 BLVR67526 BLVR71359 BLVR78159 BLVR89284 BLVR97584 BLVR98601 BLVS07178 BLVS17309 BLVS27170 BLVS40940 BLVS44580 BLVS56362 BLVS61307 BLVS78144 BLVS88452 BLVT01243 BLVT16429 BLVT23120 BLVT92322 BLVT93863 BLVV20348 BLVV40292 BLVV47246 BLVV49572 BLVV61602 BLVV77730 BLVV85398 BLVW12938 BLVW22770 BLVW29504 BLVW34701 BLVW40136 BLVW47438 BLVW67259 BLVW77269 BLVW80586 BLVW85035 BLVX04828 BLVX16372 BLVX18713 BLVX34309 BLVX51499 BLVX57561 BLVX70898 BLVX71222 BLVX75733 BLVZ13962 BLVZ13976 BLVZ20466 BLVZ38999 BLVZ48348 BLVZ52084 BLVZ55234 BLVZ67228 BLVZ74655 BLVZ77016 BLVZ95840 BLWB02971 BLWB07624 BLWB07980 BLWB11254 BLWB15717 BLWB21315 BLWB27252 BLWB27666 BLWB47207 BLWB54083 BLWB69858 BLWB91634 BLWB93760 BLWC01764 BLWC16862 BLWC34000 BLWC34784 BLWC36494 BLWC59507 BLWC60391 BLWC61469 BLWC62274 BLWC63342 BLWC67106 BLWC72916 BLWC82343 BLWC88672 BLWC96599 BLWC99350 BLWD16932 BLWD21269 BLWD26351 BLWD26546 BLWD34860 BLWD51801 BLWD59277 BLWD67707 BLWD89060 BLWF16561 BLWF18486 BLWF32916 BLWF35372 BLWF66163 BLWF71559 BLWF80873 BLWF84638 BLWF84801 BLWF88711 BLWG18329 BLWG31220 BLWG37771 BLWG43383 BLWG48988 BLWG59532 BLWG63010 BLWG68472 BLWG73313 BLWG82407 BLWG92760 BLWG93574 BLWH03327 BLWH05052 BLWH08800 BLWH10301 BLWH23686 BLWH29384 BLWH29644 BLWH32478 BLWH39793 BLWH53330 BLWH55748 BLWH56041 BLWH69678 BLWH87629 BLWH92208 BLWH97551 BLWJ01224 BLWJ07145 BLWJ30482 BLWJ40681 BLWJ46533 BLWJ54313 BLWJ66541 BLWJ74098 BLWJ74273 BLWJ74811 BLWK16850 BLWK35812 BLWK37629 BLWK40947 BLWK42233 BLWK47278 BLWK49631 BLWK51870 BLWK65234 BLWK68699 BLWK90660 BLWL02171 BLWL07823 BLWL20509 BLWL28298 BLWL49542 BLWL66378 BLWL76275 BLWL82311 BLWL89770 BLWL95386 BLWM23486 BLWM40853 BLWM53345 BLWM55480 BLWM55924 BLWM60520 BLWM61006 BLWM82501 BLWM99325 BLWN03570 BLWN23794 BLWN26934 BLWN40649 BLWN47941 BLWN58623 BLWN71553 BLWN73254 BLWN79355 BLWN80037 BLWN84087 BLWN84789 BLWN89102 BLWP09132 BLWP10181 BLWP27140 BLWP31939 BLWP35296 BLWP47751 BLWP57614 BLWP79164 BLWP82863 BLWP90729 BLWP95593 BLWP99435 BLWQ01500 BLWQ13195 BLWQ20469 BLWQ31855 BLWQ77014 BLWQ90738 BLWR03202 BLWR04688 BLWR08995 BLWR28956 BLWR29029 BLWR34478 BLWR41298 BLWR53215 BLWR68748 BLWR71884 BLWR79164 BLWR86196 BLWR87383 BLWR93691 BLWR94074 BLWR94655 BLWR95791 BLWR99475 BLWS03173 BLWS03187 BLWS34699 BLWS56703 BLWS82260 BLWT08489 BLWT27160 BLWT34110 BLWT35377 BLWT78571 BLWT78875 BLWT82313 BLWT94087 BLWT99519 BLWV00839 BLWV01043 BLWV12714 BLWV12809 BLWV16454 BLWV20858 BLWV27269 BLWV37601 BLWV38981 BLWV55023 BLWV81086 BLWV90881 BLWV91999 BLWW21834 BLWW37202 BLWW38113 BLWW42206 BLWW51980 BLWW52959 BLWW62377 BLWW76543 BLWW88567 BLWW95854 BLWW98695 BLWX11490 BLWX14961 BLWX16260 BLWX25188 BLWX26273 BLWX31769 BLWX36129 BLWX40896 BLWX48651 BLWX58492 BLWX59936 BLWX68242 BLWX76299 BLWX85576 BLWX92170 BLWX98089 BLWZ10720 BLWZ32291 BLWZ49750 BLWZ51557 BLWZ54615 BLWZ59363 BLWZ84271 BLWZ97597 BLXB21245 BLXB25389 BLXB26966 BLXB50063 BLXB63025 BLXB67556 BLXB78018 BLXB81019 BLXB87014 BLXC15769 BLXC23911 BLXC31648 BLXC36217 BLXC47300 BLXC71110 BLXC73597 BLXC75230 BLXC77277 BLXC81864 BLXC87165 BLXC91674 BLXD14321 BLXD40876 BLXD42673 BLXD52620 BLXD55213 BLXD61089 BLXD70316 BLXD91439 BLXD92796 BLXD96768 BLXD99211 BLXF02509 BLXF19619 BLXF42701 BLXF71863 BLXF89685 BLXF92420 BLXF94016 BLXF99078 BLXG00915 BLXG13956 BLXG18679 BLXG34931 BLXG46664 BLXG83263 BLXG98925 BLXH10563 BLXH15305 BLXH17451 BLXH31771 BLXH31992 BLXH33817 BLXH72209 BLXH78854 BLXH93511 BZZZ77707 BZZZ81922 BZZZ86213 BZZZ90512 BZZZ95880

Prize Breakdowns

Name Winners Prize Per Winner Total Prize Fund
Matched Code 400 1 000 000,00 € 400 000 000,00 €

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