My Bonus Results & Winning Numbers for Friday, January 18, 2019 | Free National Lotto

My Bonus Results & Winning Numbers for Friday, January 18, 2019

The My Bonus draw took place on Friday, January 18, 2019. The winning numbers and prizes are shown below.

Winning My Bonus Codes

BMVQ29722 BMWQ66858 BMWW87892 BMXZ20857 BMZH32403 BMZT93222 BMZX68105 BNBG64410 BNBM73129 BNCJ69356 BNDF06582 BNDX56764 BNDX85582 BNDZ43581 BNDZ60180 BNDZ82186 BNDZ91980 BNFB65326 BNFN87236 BNFQ69021 BNFR10172 BNGH85537 BNGK06059 BNGK14914 BNGK73459 BNGK75542 BNGK90698 BNGL69624 BNGM15805 BNGM30844 BNGM64793 BNGM88577 BNGN99484 BNGP25625 BNGQ01978 BNGQ43990 BNGR35407 BNGR37107 BNGR47390 BNGR92092 BNGT61388 BNGV34401 BNGW42572 BNGW43728 BNGW48178 BNGW49631 BNGW50745 BNGW73320 BNGW78422 BNGW81074 BNGW82694 BNGW86360 BNGW86678 BNGW94626 BNGX05411 BNGX15751 BNGX24880 BNGX27042 BNGX28079 BNGX39819 BNGX49507 BNGX50909 BNGX56133 BNGX59066 BNGX60582 BNGX66131 BNGX72983 BNGX75980 BNGX77502 BNGX84705 BNGX85926 BNGX87666 BNGX89296 BNGX91140 BNGZ02729 BNGZ13652 BNGZ16730 BNGZ20953 BNGZ28882 BNGZ32876 BNGZ43440 BNGZ53576 BNGZ58769 BNGZ74854 BNGZ78728 BNGZ86742 BNGZ88429 BNGZ95549 BNHB03182 BNHB03413 BNHB12934 BNHB17195 BNHB19443 BNHB24542 BNHB27424 BNHB35838 BNHB40464 BNHB47159 BNHB56193 BNHB57651 BNHB57833 BNHB60377 BNHB77322 BNHB82827 BNHB83424 BNHB84368 BNHB87855 BNHB88953 BNHB89699 BNHB96252 BNHC02029 BNHC03858 BNHC10630 BNHC12981 BNHC15178 BNHC16007 BNHC17130 BNHC20513 BNHC23288 BNHC26721 BNHC32013 BNHC47013 BNHC49895 BNHC54364 BNHC58529 BNHC60960 BNHC66260 BNHC67167 BNHC76855 BNHC80087 BNHC90612 BNHC91609 BNHC92379 BNHC93174 BNHC99714 BNHC99962 BNHD12297 BNHD15098 BNHD19613 BNHD21789 BNHD29808 BNHD44526 BNHD53652 BNHD54325 BNHD65511 BNHD66004 BNHD80334 BNHF04851 BNHF16389 BNHF24331 BNHF24977 BNHF27840 BNHF32704 BNHF32745 BNHF32915 BNHF37371 BNHF51001 BNHF59209 BNHF63385 BNHF65700 BNHF67782 BNHF71743 BNHF84957 BNHF92962 BNHF95860 BNHF97185 BNHG30629 BNHG40090 BNHG52723 BNHG57512 BNHG57739 BNHG60984 BNHG64496 BNHG83925 BNHG85756 BNHG88825 BNHH00645 BNHH05275 BNHH13544 BNHH18951 BNHH24767 BNHH28969 BNHH32102 BNHH37771 BNHH45060 BNHH51250 BNHH51796 BNHH54514 BNHH63162 BNHH64546 BNHH69399 BNHH73007 BNHH76625 BNHH82303 BNHH88817 BNHH90989 BNHH91984 BNHH98235 BNHH99224 BNHJ01654 BNHJ05461 BNHJ07864 BNHJ08719 BNHJ09613 BNHJ15269 BNHJ15820 BNHJ21567 BNHJ21623 BNHJ32082 BNHJ39208 BNHJ39284 BNHJ41550 BNHJ45607 BNHJ49127 BNHJ52073 BNHJ60826 BNHJ79095 BNHJ81345 BNHJ88055 BNHJ95541 BNHJ95961 BNHK10750 BNHK11869 BNHK21187 BNHK23676 BNHK27997 BNHK30322 BNHK35453 BNHK41510 BNHK45613 BNHK49801 BNHK51892 BNHK54532 BNHK56680 BNHK60767 BNHK66120 BNHK75404 BNHK86496 BNHK93263 BNHL01989 BNHL15923 BNHL18442 BNHL32118 BNHL32267 BNHL34188 BNHL39800 BNHL48528 BNHL49761 BNHL51079 BNHL52910 BNHL59918 BNHL65289 BNHL67153 BNHL74793 BNHL79102 BNHL94023 BNHL96257 BNHM03867 BNHM10476 BNHM11100 BNHM11461 BNHM13431 BNHM14276 BNHM20334 BNHM23792 BNHM41667 BNHM48211 BNHM48290 BNHM50430 BNHM54546 BNHM62799 BNHM79054 BNHM82321 BNHM85732 BNHM94031 BNHM94321 BNHN06861 BNHN07537 BNHN12874 BNHN14075 BNHN14867 BNHN20393 BNHN23243 BNHN32446 BNHN53909 BNHN55428 BNHN59499 BNHN66739 BNHN76863 BNHN81272 BNHN83965 BNHN88995 BNHN89491 BNHN90071 BNHN90187 BNHN97597 BNHP02232 BNHP08732 BNHP11567 BNHP36908 BNHP37101 BNHP37885 BNHP43374 BNHP53536 BNHP53575 BNHP53894 BNHP60613 BNHP64541 BNHP66943 BNHP69737 BNHP85746 BNHP87697 BNHP88912 BNHP92160 BNHP99859 BNHQ10205 BNHQ22024 BNHQ22276 BNHQ23487 BNHQ29646 BNHQ29977 BNHQ32194 BNHQ32260 BNHQ39010 BNHQ40208 BNHQ44948 BNHQ48250 BNHQ49583 BNHQ50155 BNHQ51016 BNHQ53472 BNHQ57182 BNHQ57745 BNHQ67005 BNHQ67988 BNHQ70804 BNHQ72947 BNHQ75593 BNHQ80660 BNHQ88014 BNHQ91177 BNHQ95677 BNHQ97133 BNHR06116 BNHR06150 BNHR11026 BNHR11053 BNHR17197 BNHR26476 BNHR31955 BNHR32766 BNHR37118 BNHR38885 BNHR40909 BNHR71250 BNHR76574 BNHR77050 BNHR80278 BNHR91302 BNHR92439 BNHR96430 BNHR98180 BNHS01702 BNHS14899 BNHS18269 BNHS32438 BNHS39789 BNHS46274 BNHS53590 BNHS67762 BNHS68054 BNHS74364 BNHS77875 BNHS83376 BNHS86465 BNHS86906 BNHS88901 BNHS94771 BNHS95293 BNHS96953 BNHT10044 BNHT14699 BNHT19258 BNHT20370 BNHT22503 BNHT40951 BNHT44965 BNHT48694 BNHT54736 BNHT57595 BNHT58927 BNHT66376 BNHT75213 BNHT75303 BNHT78958 BNHT85556 BNHT88952 BZZZ74329 BZZZ89032 BZZZ91996

Prize Breakdowns

Name Winners Prize Per Winner Total Prize Fund
Matched Code 400 1 000 000,00 € 400 000 000,00 €

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