My Bonus Results & Winning Numbers for Friday, January 25, 2019 | Free National Lotto

My Bonus Results & Winning Numbers for Friday, January 25, 2019

The My Bonus draw took place on Friday, January 25, 2019. The winning numbers and prizes are shown below.

Winning My Bonus Codes

BMXS91541 BMZS42893 BNCN60424 BNDW20413 BNFN36668 BNFS36953 BNFZ25979 BNGJ90940 BNGM06772 BNGP32908 BNGQ28760 BNGQ34650 BNGQ61252 BNGV30161 BNHF84677 BNHH98586 BNHM71742 BNHN04035 BNHV17977 BNHV94004 BNHV95210 BNHV95264 BNHW35365 BNHW40818 BNHW45598 BNHW68837 BNHW91616 BNHX40398 BNHX51461 BNHX55280 BNJB28915 BNJB48505 BNJB99791 BNJC10272 BNJC35218 BNJD06814 BNJD32900 BNJD37446 BNJD49620 BNJF14434 BNJF73825 BNJG02411 BNJG26289 BNJH93789 BNJJ16228 BNJJ84411 BNJJ89255 BNJL30384 BNJL35367 BNJL37971 BNJL41315 BNJL55932 BNJL56405 BNJL58507 BNJL62848 BNJL75311 BNJL86550 BNJL87573 BNJL99746 BNJM03406 BNJM29461 BNJM36216 BNJM37854 BNJM45270 BNJM49316 BNJM65732 BNJM66134 BNJM68488 BNJM74866 BNJM76275 BNJM83390 BNJM92502 BNJM94947 BNJN15898 BNJN26291 BNJN30473 BNJN41398 BNJN42308 BNJN43437 BNJN54677 BNJN55887 BNJN59872 BNJN59914 BNJN64694 BNJN67510 BNJN76486 BNJN79744 BNJN85768 BNJN88564 BNJN92690 BNJP11252 BNJP14885 BNJP21353 BNJP27537 BNJP28901 BNJP33295 BNJP34289 BNJP38716 BNJP41715 BNJP45937 BNJP63031 BNJP65604 BNJP70252 BNJP78891 BNJP79854 BNJP87025 BNJP97419 BNJP98037 BNJQ00754 BNJQ10242 BNJQ31552 BNJQ32007 BNJQ34573 BNJQ40198 BNJQ44625 BNJQ47431 BNJQ47952 BNJQ51293 BNJQ51934 BNJQ59956 BNJQ60347 BNJQ65251 BNJQ66396 BNJQ68684 BNJQ70290 BNJQ80415 BNJQ80751 BNJQ95684 BNJQ99589 BNJR00821 BNJR07796 BNJR13764 BNJR15059 BNJR23953 BNJR31462 BNJR36346 BNJR51850 BNJR55488 BNJR55784 BNJR60624 BNJR67126 BNJR81893 BNJR93681 BNJS16030 BNJS24525 BNJS38843 BNJS42475 BNJS60379 BNJS63446 BNJS65536 BNJS70973 BNJS78729 BNJS81727 BNJS83915 BNJS84157 BNJS93467 BNJS98078 BNJT06416 BNJT07968 BNJT10214 BNJT16521 BNJT21085 BNJT26615 BNJT30477 BNJT31790 BNJT31981 BNJT32148 BNJT38680 BNJT39092 BNJT41225 BNJT41968 BNJT44891 BNJT54754 BNJT65667 BNJT76900 BNJT81762 BNJT89535 BNJT99451 BNJV19402 BNJV34006 BNJV36807 BNJV45401 BNJV45834 BNJV46232 BNJV50710 BNJV53511 BNJV63390 BNJV64105 BNJV69851 BNJV72490 BNJV87526 BNJV99576 BNJW03612 BNJW10022 BNJW12898 BNJW20218 BNJW26006 BNJW28733 BNJW31352 BNJW34084 BNJW39957 BNJW42197 BNJW42977 BNJW47036 BNJW52212 BNJW68647 BNJW70692 BNJW72517 BNJW74924 BNJW80738 BNJW81494 BNJW86033 BNJW88536 BNJX01921 BNJX06441 BNJX16588 BNJX22438 BNJX23938 BNJX24106 BNJX29429 BNJX30109 BNJX45881 BNJX50879 BNJX51973 BNJX62401 BNJX68600 BNJX69257 BNJX76378 BNJX89270 BNJX96759 BNJZ00262 BNJZ03502 BNJZ03573 BNJZ20743 BNJZ20890 BNJZ23080 BNJZ50184 BNJZ52128 BNJZ60866 BNJZ69456 BNJZ76397 BNJZ85489 BNJZ97555 BNJZ97757 BNKB08786 BNKB13457 BNKB15297 BNKB15338 BNKB20907 BNKB29334 BNKB44119 BNKB52033 BNKB55359 BNKB70437 BNKB72145 BNKB72547 BNKB77422 BNKB79012 BNKB79993 BNKB83065 BNKB92981 BNKB96750 BNKB99736 BNKC07316 BNKC10204 BNKC14786 BNKC23108 BNKC34118 BNKC37571 BNKC38806 BNKC47509 BNKC50730 BNKC51458 BNKC54625 BNKC57081 BNKC61910 BNKC61940 BNKC63913 BNKC69049 BNKC79033 BNKC88135 BNKC97667 BNKD00438 BNKD15483 BNKD30126 BNKD30293 BNKD35777 BNKD36563 BNKD41691 BNKD48227 BNKD55870 BNKD59214 BNKD62225 BNKD63522 BNKD73232 BNKD74706 BNKD77471 BNKD99441 BNKF19949 BNKF24319 BNKF26002 BNKF39663 BNKF40428 BNKF41235 BNKF41584 BNKF43436 BNKF58716 BNKF59481 BNKF65655 BNKF67162 BNKF70183 BNKF79661 BNKF81459 BNKF86585 BNKF94299 BNKF97207 BNKG01726 BNKG15950 BNKG16705 BNKG28153 BNKG33854 BNKG38656 BNKG53183 BNKG57500 BNKG58602 BNKG66929 BNKG68553 BNKG75432 BNKG76881 BNKG79356 BNKG82404 BNKG84087 BNKH05545 BNKH09417 BNKH22085 BNKH29281 BNKH34340 BNKH36222 BNKH48725 BNKH50368 BNKH56244 BNKH57724 BNKH81190 BNKH84428 BNKH95088 BNKJ00913 BNKJ05383 BNKJ05845 BNKJ10066 BNKJ15045 BNKJ18054 BNKJ22657 BNKJ37460 BNKJ44133 BNKJ58933 BNKJ65532 BNKJ67062 BNKJ79312 BNKJ88867 BNKJ91018 BNKJ94449 BNKJ94522 BNKK05089 BNKK20297 BNKK30240 BNKK36630 BNKK45852 BNKK56875 BNKK61614 BNKK70438 BNKK84377 BNKK87285 BNKK91852 BNKK92940 BNKL06308 BNKL09058 BNKL10343 BNKL13690 BNKL18462 BNKL18893 BNKL21560 BNKL30233 BNKL30270 BNKL41838 BNKL53575 BNKL89534 BNKM15793 BNKM24232 BNKM28093 BNKM29293 BNKM40187 BZZZ84824 BZZZ91739 BZZZ92187 BZZZ94722 BZZZ97321 BZZZ97388 BZZZ97524 BZZZ97920 BZZZ98851

Prize Breakdowns

Name Winners Prize Per Winner Total Prize Fund
Matched Code 400 1 000 000,00 € 400 000 000,00 €

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