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Amazon Mystery Shopper's Wanted - Win £100 Voucher

Mon 11 February 2019
Amazon Mystery Shopper's Wanted - Win £100 Voucher

Today's offer from FNL gives you a swift chance to win a £100 Amazon voiucher, by joining UK Mystery Shopper and applying to become their Amazon Mystery Shopper of choice.

How Do I Become The Amazon Mystery Shopper?

If you fancy trying to win this £100 Amazon voucher, here is what you need to do:

Step 1 - Click on the button below that says 'Become Amazon Mystery Shopper'

Step 2 - Click the 'Sign Up For Free' button and enter your details as they'll contact you via email if you win.

Step 3 - Complete the short offers based questionnaire (you only need to opt for the offers you're actually interested in.

Step 4 - If you are selected as the Amazon Mystery Shopper you will win the gift card which will be sent to you for free.

What's The Catch?

Well, there is no catch. As usual with a survey they are interested in looking at consumer information in order to make some informed business decisions. So, all you need a little bit of time spare in order to complete the questionnaire, and then a bit of luck to be selected to win the £100 Amazon voucher for free.

Good luck FNL'ers!


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