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There are loads of lotto strategies out there now which are reputed to assist you in improving your chances of winning lottery draws, and in this section we will be covering some of these as well as other lotto knowledge like the odds of winning particular draws, popular numbers, good luck charms and much more.

February 05

National Lottery Set for Life: All You Need To Know

National Lottery Set for Life: all you need to know about this new draw

July 29

UK’s Luckiest Postcodes & Winners Locations

Every now and then Camelot get their data people to delve into their database of winners to see what the luckiest towns, postcodes and locations are, and having run their latest numbers in May 2018 it has revealed some pretty interesting stuff.

July 04

Fun Ways To Pick Your Lottery Numbers

We know that many of you will be using numbers on Free National Lotto that you have used since the incarnation of the National Lottery, which will usually be a mix of favourite numbers, “lucky” numbers, family birthdays or a system that you once believed would make you rich. In this article, we look at some other fun ways to pick your lottery numbers that you may not have considered.

June 18

Odds Of Winning At FNL vs Other Lotteries

We thought it might be helpful to outline that actual odds of winning in the Daily Draw and the 5-Ball Draw vs other lotteries from around the world, so you can compare.

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