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Lottery News Headlines & Gossip Archive News from 6/2018

June 18

Odds Of Winning At FNL vs Other Lotteries

We thought it might be helpful to outline that actual odds of winning in the Daily Draw and the 5-Ball Draw vs other lotteries from around the world, so you can compare.

June 08

Frenchman Wins Lottery Twice In Two Years

An extremely lucky Frenchman from the south-east of the country has incredibly won the “My Million” jackpot of €1 million twice in the space of two years

June 05

Saving FNL As A Favourite On Your Mobile

Our first post in our new shiny news section on Free National Lotto! The first thing we wanted to talk about was how to add FNL as a site to your favourites on your mobile phone, which we will go through step by step.