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Biggest Lottery Winners From Around The World

Mon 13 August 2018
Biggest Lottery Winners From Around The World

All that stands between you and a life-changing, multimillion-pound jackpot could be a winning lottery ticket. Don’t believe us? Check out these stories of the three biggest lottery winners from around the world.

Top 3 Lottery Winners In History

Gloria Mackenzie, Florida ($590 million)

In May 2013, 84-year-old pensioner Gloria Mackenzie defied 175 million-to-one odds, by scoping a record-breaking $590 million on the US Powerball Lottery.

Although a bigger jackpot of almost $1.6 billion was won in 2016, that had to be split three ways – meaning Gloria holds the title of the biggest single jackpot winner in world lotto history.

She purchased the winning ticket in a Publix supermarket in her home suburb of Zephyrhills, Florida, after another shopper had kindly let her go ahead in line at the checkout.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the elderly widow opted to receive the windfall (which equates to around £383 million before taxes) as a single lump sum just hours after discovering she’d won. She’s since gone on to upgrade her $30,000 run-down bungalow for a $1.175 million Jacksonville mansion in a gated community.

Jon and Lisa Robinson, Tennessee ($528.8 million)

John Robinson, a 58-year-old Air Force veteran, and wife Lisa, a 53-year-old Dermatology assistant, were the first players to come forward and claim their share of a $1.58 billion Powerball jackpot won in January 2016.

The Tennessee couple chose to receive their third of the astonishing prize pool as a one-off payment of $528.8 million (or £327.8 million after taxes). They quickly announced the win to the public on live television in New York, before flying back to Tennessee to attend a press conference alongside daughter Tiffany and the family dog.

When asked how they planned to spend the money, the Robinsons revealed modest plans to pay off Tiffany’s student loans and the mortgage on their $150,000 home. They also expressed interest in donating to their church and other good causes. And despite their new fortune, John and Lisa insisted they’d both be returning to their jobs as normal come Monday morning.

Colin and Chris Weir, Scotland (£161 million)

After landing a £161,653,000 rollover jackpot in July 2011 (the greatest in European history), Scottish couple Colin and Chris Weir were catapulted straight onto the Sunday Times Rich List.

The Ayrshire pair, who have been married for over 30 years and have two children together, had both been suffering from health conditions which left them unable to work before the major windfall on the EuroMillions. They described the win as the start of a ‘whole new life’ for them and their family.

Amongst their first purchases was a £3.5 million stately home complete with a 32-acre estate. They also went on to establish The Charitable Weir Trust, a venture aimed at supporting community groups and small charities in Scotland.

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