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Odds Of Winning At FNL vs Other Lotteries

Mon 18 June 2018
Odds Of Winning At FNL vs Other Lotteries

As you will know we have two main draws at FNL currently, the Daily Draw and the 5-Ball Draw, so whilst we tell you how it works on other pages on the site, we thought it might be helpful to outline that actual odds of winning in these draws vs other lotteries from around the world, so you can compare.

Chances Of Winning The Daily Draw

As we outline on the page for the Daily Draw we select the winning numbers from all of the number selections in play with active accounts on the site, which of course means there is a guaranteed potential winner each day, which means that it only rolls over when the person with the winning numbers hasn’t claimed the prize. As you can see the odds of winning in this draw is therefore dependent on how many players we have, which is currently around 6,000 to 1, so healthy odds of winning some free money compared to the draws below.

Chances Of Winning The 5-Ball Draw

The 5-Ball Draw works a little bit differently in that we use a random number generator to select the winning numbers from the number range between 1 and 40, which therefore means you have less chance of winning, but of course that’s why the prize pot is a lot bigger with regular rollovers. The odds of winning in this draw is 658,008 to 1.

Odds Of Winning Other Lotteries

Obviously, the jackpot sizes at FNL tend to be a fair bit smaller than the paid lottery draws from around the world but we feel that they fit very nicely on the scale of the odds to jackpots ratio, which is why we have formatted them the way we have. Compared to winning a fiver at 6,000 to 1 odds in the Daily Draw or £1,500 in the 5-Ball Draw at 658,008 to 1 odds, here the odds of winning some of the major jackpots from around the world and their associated odds.

Lottery Draw

Jackpot Odds

Record Jackpot

Swedish Lotto

6,724,520 to 1

£18 million

Austrian Lotto

8,145,060 to 1

£6.8 million

Irish Lotto

10,737,573 to 1

£13.0 million

Polish Lotto

13,983,816 to 1

£9.4 million

French Lotto

19,068,840 to 1

£16.9 million

Spanish Lotto

31,625,100 to 1

£25.9 million

UK Lotto

45,057,474 to 1

£66.1 million

MegaSena (Brazil)

50,063,860 to 1

£56.3 million

Oz PowerBall

76,767,600 to 1

£42.7 million


95,344,200 to 1

£63.5 million


139,838,160 to 1

£161.0 million

PowerBall (US)

292,201,338 to 1

£1.119 billion

MegaMillions (US)

302,575,350 to 1

£419.8 million

SuperEnaLotto (Italy)

622,614,630 to 1

£125.7 million


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